The running.COACH iPhone app is ready for download at Migros.

Generationm partner
Running.COACH and Generation M support each other mutually in the field of sustainable products.

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Running.COACH is being recommended to customers in and in Migros Fitness-/Wellness-/Aquaparks Medbase health centres.

Medbase is our partner for high quality health services in the fields of medicine, paramedicine and complementary medicine.

Css versicherungen
The leading Swiss basic insurance offers know-how in medicine, health and prevention. To the health lexicon.

Helsana logo
Quevita is the developer of the "Helsana Trails" mobile app. With this app the user can collect Coop Superpoints on around 300 running tracks around Switzerland.

The CSS insurance centre of competence in health and prevention is the leader in complete health management in the fields of medicine, nutririon, movement and life domain balance.

Viktor Röthlin, European champion and Swiss record holder in marathon is one of running.COACH’s figurehead. His experiences as an athlete and coach are inherent in the training plan. With his company he, for example, organises workshops and holiday weeks.

Achim achilles
The German running platform developed by miraculous runner, columnist and author Achim Achilles, is an official training plan supplier of running.COACH. If you register in running.COACH, you are «coached» by Achim Achilles.

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The qualified sports scientist is a running.COACH ambassador. The multiple medalist in German championships supports the online training plan with her knowledge and experience.

Frank shorter
Olympic marathon champion and co-developer of running.COACH. Stads behind the program.

The company of Markus Ryffel, Swiss record holder in 5000m, organises several sports events and holiday weeks, educates leaders in the fields Aqua fit and Nordic walking and leads a mail order business. The knowledge which Markus Ryffel has collected as an athlete and a coach is inherent in running.COACH.

The training philosophy of Chrisitan Belz, Swiss record holder in 3000m steeple and 10’000m, finds its way into the running.COACH. In addition, being a qualified business economist, he advises running.COACH in strategic issues.

Neff run
Famous American long distance runner Calum Neff is a running.COACH ambassador. He stands behind the program and helped developping running.COACH.

Users of Garmin running/GPS watches can synchronise their data with the running.COACH platform.

Polar partner small
Users of Polar running/GPS watches can synchronise their data with the running.COACH platform.

Suunto partner small
Users of a Suunto running/GPS watch can synchronise their data with the running.COACH platform.

Tomtom partner small
Users of TomTom running/GPS watches can synchronise their data with the running.COACH platform.

FitBit user can synchronise their data with the running.COACH and step.COACH platform.

Fitforlife partner
FitforLife, the Swiss magazine for fitness, running and endurance sports is the partner magazine of running.COACH. Prescribers profit from special conditions.

The running and athletics portal of French-speaking Switzerland.

Spring is a partner of running.COACH in communication affairs.

ASICS features as equipment and communication partner of running.COACH.

Brooks features as an equipment and communication partner of running.COACH.

Salming features as an equipment and communication partner of running.COACH.

Running.COACH collaborates partner-like with Sportbenzin in the fields sports nutrition and nutrition supplements.

There is a cooperation with the department of sports cardiology, from which users of running.COACH profit. The users are informed about relevant issues regularly. Running workers at the University hospital can profit from a running.COACH campaign and can prepare optimally for running events.

The formulas for calculating running times have been developped by Roger Kaufmann. The mathematician, runner, marathon organiser and international route surveyor even offers his prognoses for the public in form of the iPhone app «Marathon Rechner».

The bank with the most dense network of banks in Switzerland has conducted a running.COACH campaing for ist employees. Further, Raiffaisen employees who run are preparing fort he company run with the help of running.COACH. Raiffaisen has been financially supporting various running events in Switzerland for several years.

Within the framework of the exercise programme «Move!», Swisscom employees are preparing for the company run with the help of running.COACH.

Mitarbeiter der Post profitieren von einer Aktion für den running.COACH und können sich so optimal auf die diversen Laufveranstaltungen vorbereiten. Post employees profit from a campaign for running.COACH and can thus prepare optimally for the various running events.