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Marseille-Cassis 20K

27 окт. 2024

Marseille, FR


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How could we imagine one day of March 1979, the idea of organizing a race opened to everyone between Marseilles and Cassis could take such an International dimension? A very young athletic section, a group of close friends and the unfailing support of every sections of an “omnisport” club, the SCO Ste Marguerite, gave birth to the first French Classic race. With 700 runners for its first Edtion, this race where the popular and convivial spirit rules welcome every year more and more enthusiasts and count from now 12 000 participants. Such a keen interest for the race contributed to other events on the occasion of the last week end of October. Since 1990, the ramble “L’Autre Marseille-Cassis” organized the day before the Classic in the massif of the “Calanques” gathered 1800 walkers and is directed to the awareness of everyone for the environment and assets respect. The sporty ramble created in 2006 gives the possibility to a lot of walkers to follow the runners to reach the Gineste under another form of sport. This success, built over 44 years of existence, belongs to the 600 volunteers of the SCO Ste Marguerite who never hesitate to mobilize themselves to welcome a thousand of people in the best conditions. Proof road registered in the French Federation of Athletics schedule - Label International FFA

Marseille-Cassis 20K

27 окт. 2024


1381ft В гору

1093ft Вниз с горы

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