Our gold subscription coaches

The following Gold subscription coaches are there for you. Our Gold coaches are spread all over the world. If you live in the US, it would be of advantage if you picked our US coach, naturally. However, if you wish to train with a foreign coach and maybe even practice your foreign language skills, decide on a coach living anywhere in the world.

Gabriel Lombriser

As an athlete Gabriel is an allrounder. He has competed for Switzerland in the European Championships in mountain running as well as in the World University Championships in cross-country running. Furthermore, he finished in the top 100 in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii and won the Gigathlon Switzerland. His personal best in marathon is 2:35. Gabriel has been leading trainings and coaching runners for years. Since 2015, as a project manager for running.COACH, the qualified computer specialist has been responsible for everything concerning our training schedules. Gabriel coaches in German and English. running.COACH Gold coach since June 2015

Ueli Bieler

Ueli Bieler is a successful runner and triathlete. As a sideline he has been coaching athletes on their way to individual sporting goals for many years. Being a qualified physicist and biomechanic, Ueli knows a lot about the optimal running style. He is an expert on extreme endurance performances, as he has completed over ten marathons (PB: 2:34) and has taken part in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii four times already. Ueli coaches in German and English. running.COACH Gold coach since January 2016.

T-Roy Brown

T-Roy is an American with a background as an NCAA division 1 track and cross-country athlete and since graduating from university has expanded his running experience competing in a variety of running events from road 5Ks to trail ultramarathons and everything in between with personal bests of 2:22 and 1:06 for the marathon and half marathon. He has helped build successful training programs for athletes wishing to complete their first 10K and athletes improving Marathon times to qualify for Marathon majors like Boston, London, and Berlin. T-Roy coaches in English and German.

Ole Srocke

Ole originally comes from Hamburg, but lives in Freiburg (D) now. In his new home, the sports scientist finished different marathons on the podium, e.g. the Freiburg Marathon 2017. His personal best in marathon is 2:29. Ole also competes in long distance triathlons (best time in Roth (D) with 9:19h over the Ironman distance). Having an academic background and being both a certified group fitness instructor (Aerobic and Indoor Cycling) as well as a running coach, he has got the theoretical and the practical expertise needed for successful coaching. Ole coaches in German, English, French and Spanish (basics). running.COACH Gold coach since January 2016

Stefanie Meyer

Stefanie is a keen runner and an Ironwoman. Her passion for sport has also affected her professional life, working as a sport scientist, teacher and running coach. Having moved from Switzerland to London in summer 2014, now a mummy herself, she blogs on www.sportymum.net about exercising during pregnancy and beyond. Since the birth of her baby girl, she has returned to compete regularly in races. She coaches in German and English. running.COACH Gold-Coach since May 2016

Alexandre Roch

Alexandre has started athletics in 2002 as a middle-distance runner on 1500m (3'49). He won 9 Swiss Champion titles on 1500m, 5000m and in cross-country, which was his speciality. As a junior and U23 athlete he qualified 4 times for the European Championships and 1 time for the World University Championships in cross country running. Now he is more into longer distances like 10'000m (30'42), half-marathon and more recently marathon. He is also very involved in the organisation of running events in Geneva and coaches groups and individuals to help runners reach their goals. Alexandre is graduated from ETH Zürich in atmospheric sciences and has professional experiences in banking, research and startup creation. He coaches in French, English and German. running.COACH Gold coach since May 2017.

Carlos Jiménez

Economista y empresario fundador de SoyMaratonista.com es autor y conferencista de running y negocios. Ha participado en numerosos programas de inducción y certificaciones como la del Método de Entrenamiento FIRST (Furman Institute of Scientific Running, USA). Corre desde hace más de 25 años, habiendo completado los principales maratones del mundo (Nueva York, Boston, Londres, Berlín, Chicago, La Gran Muralla China, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, Buenos Aires, Orlando, Rotterdam, Panamá y Caracas). También ha participado en triatlones, carreras de aventura y el ultramaratón 100K de Corricolari Madrid. Carlos puede entrenarte en español.

Your gold coach - your personal online running coach

Do you have high goals in running, but don’t know how to achieve them? Your running.COACH Gold coach supports you on your way!

Your personal online coach discusses and defines your goals together with you. On your way there your coach advises and supervises you. Via e-mail, phone or Skype you can communicate with your coach and talk about your training. Your coach helps you to master the challenges you might be facing on your way to achieving your goal. Having insight into your training documentation, your coach is able to analyse your training and, in case of stress, illness or injury, to react to changing circumstances by adapting your training accordingly. We are looking forward to supporting you!

Interested? We would love to provide you with more information about the Gold subscription! Email us on support@runningcoach.me

Success stories

John Hanc - running.COACH

John Hanc

“journalist at the popular Running Times Magazine, prepared the Marine Corps Marathon together with our gold coach Gabriel Lombriser."

John Read More
Jan-Peter Grünewälder - running.COACH

Jan-Peter Grünewälder

The change of coach had been due: instead of being my own coach and getting lost in training guides and online platforms I now profit from the competent support of Ingalena and the training concept designed specifically for my individual needs. It feels great and it has had noticeable effects so far. And how!

Josua Müller - running.COACH

Josua Müller

I’d had a dream: Running a marathon once in my life. The fact that I managed to complete the Jungfrau marathon of all marathons is something I have to thank the boys of running.COACH for. Without their support and their personal coaching I wouldn’t have been able to master this challenge.

Andreas Fauth - running.COACH

Andreas Fauth

I took up training suffering from acute Achilles tendonitis. Gold coach Ingalena Heuck, taking various measures, managed to get me back into pain-free training. I have been able to complete the Munich half marathon without pain, but with a lot of joy instead.

Jolanda Regez - running.COACH

Jolanda Regez

Thanks to individual coaching I have not only been highly motivated but I’ve also been able to improve my personal best in half marathon by 4 minutes. I highly appreciate having this great technical expertise by my side.

Roger Schnyder - running.COACH

Roger Schnyder

I feel supervised in the best possible way and I can count on competent consultancy by my coach. The coordination with running.COACH always reassures me that I’m doing the right thing on my way towards achieving my great sporting aspirations.

Timothy Heinz - running.COACH

Timothy Heinz

Thanks to the individual training schedule provided by running.COACH I always have the certainty of taking appropriate measures to prepare for my competitions. The sophisticated statistics and the personal guidance motivate me additionally, which manifests itself in a steady improvement over the past three years.